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“I was never charged with my father’s murder.” My voice echoed around the bare room.
“Well, lightning ain’t gonna strike you twice.”

An action-packed thriller set in Hawaii.

When ‘Ness’ Stone is found next to the bloody corpse of her film star ex-boyfriend she knows that no one will believe her innocence. Most people already believe that she murdered her own father to inherit his billions. The real murderer is hunting down witnesses while the police and media circle around Ness like hungry sharks, She must find the truth before it kills her. Hawaii has never been so deadly.

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An action-packed short story in the Clytemnestra Stone series.

Ness Stone is retired at the grand age of twenty three. The hitmen, the psycho ex-boyfriends, the nights in the cells, the criminal connections that her gangster father left behind – all that is behind her now. She donated her ill-gotten billion dollar fortune to charity and settled down with her gorgeous non-psycho boyfriend. Yet when she gets a call from her ex she runs straight back into danger. She was wrong to look back. But can she really escape her past or will it finally kill her?

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The Kingdom of Simmaria is locked in a bloody battle for the succession. Yet everyone overlooks King Grahakan’s illegitmate ‘slave spawn’ children.

Inago is a Princess more likely to be found on a battlefield with her infantry unit than languishing at her father’s court. Meanwhile her brother, the clumsy bookish Cedyg, shows no interest in Palace life. They grew up at the bottom of the Palace pecking order, scorned for their ‘Macan superstitions’ of magic and prophecy.

When their Simmarian older brother, Malon, raises an ancient demon to secure the throne for himself only Cedyg can unlock the power to save their world. But can he reach the power of the Source in time? And just how much will he have to sacrifice if he is to wield the power of the Furies?

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