Dragon Spawned

Descended from dragons. Freya is used to coping with problems by herself. She’s an outcast at school, living in insecure housing with her single mother, sustained by free school meals and the kindness of her grandmother. When Freya’s mother goes missing, no-one else takes it seriously. Her mum has vanished on drinking binges too many times before. But her mother’s disappearance is different this time. Strange things are happening around Freya.Her fingers burn at a touch, and liquids boil when she is close by. She was always athletic, but now she is stronger and faster than any normal human being. In the search for her missing mother Freya discovers the mysterious legacy of her father’s aristocratic family. Not everyone is happy to see a homeless teenager from a working-class background inherit the power of a dragon. Someone wants her power. And they are prepared to kill her to get it.


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